Turning your home into an eco-friendly residence has a number of advantages. From saving our planet’s diminishing resources to saving money on your utility bills, becoming eco-friendly is not only easy, but is also a rewarding experience.

Just follow the Three R’s …

Recycle your foods scraps and organic kitchen waste into compost. It’s not much more difficult than tossing it into the compost bin rather than the garbage. Here’s two easy methods.

Here’s a followup to yesterday’s post. The city of Montreal, Canada has just introduced electric cars to its community car sharing program.

Have you considered driving an electric car around town? Wondered if you would save money by charging with electricity rather than filling the tank with gas? Here’s your answer…

Here’s a terrific way to enjoy the adventure of off road driving while still being environmentally friendly. Fasten your seat belt, adjust your goggles, turn on the ignition and conquer the trails.

After years of using disposable diapers, mothers are switching back to cloth diapers. But how do you launder them so they come out clean and fresh yet still soft and comfortable for your little one?

Here’s a step by step system that streamlines diaper washing.

You can get paid to go green!

Have you been wanting to upgrade to a new front load washing machine or considering using solar power in your home?

Many local and federal government agencies and utilities are offering cash rebates for homes and businesses who are switching to more energy efficient systems. Learn how you can find programs in your area and cash in on the savings.

Lightning McQueen and Mater are on another adventure in Cars 2. McQueen is racing in the World Grand Prix circuit. He has a new sponsor, Allinol, a new green alternative fuel. However, the big oil companies are determined to prove oil is still best at any cost.

This year I decided to eat more organic fruits and vegetables. I joined a program where local organic farmers provide me with a basket of organic produce from mid June to late October.

I received my first order today. It was a bit like Christmas opening the bin to see what was inside. There were some things I hoped for – two quarts of organic strawberries – and a couple of things I’d never seen before.

An EcoCab is the ultimate green car. It’s driven by pedal power with a supplemental electric motor powered by a battery. The battery is recharged by a solar panel. It has zero emissions. This eco friendly vehicle is at the top of the list for green transportation. And, it’s fun!

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