Hi, I’m Susan Dumas. I live in a small city near Toronto, Canada with my husband and our dog Casey, a Bichon Frise. Susan & Casey

I decided to create this site partly due to the trials and tribulations I’ve had getting used to recycling and adopting a greener lifestyle. As I mention in the mission statement for this site, when I was growing up, all garbage went into one garbage can. Nice and simple.

Our city added blue box recycling in the mid 1980s. One was to place glass containers, cans, and newspaper in the blue box. However when the blue box program was introduced we were living in Australia. So when we arrived back home, the battle of the blue box started.

We had no instructions on exactly what was to go into the blue box. Since they took glass, we put in a broken bowl. After garbage pickup, we’d find the broken bowl pieces tossed onto our lawn with a note stuck onto our recycling box stating that they didn’t take broken glass. Why? Isn’t part of the process of recycling glass breaking it up?

The next week it would be glossy magazines turfed out of the box with another note stuck on the box indicating only newspaper and paper bags were acceptable.

And on it went. We never knew what would be lurking under the overturned blue box after pickup. There were times when I just gave up and hid stuff in with the regular garbage.

Today the items picked up in the blue box has greatly expanded. And of course, you can now check the region’s website to get the details of what can go in the blue box.

Hope you enjoy the site. Adopt only the ideas presented that appeal to you. Every little bit helps.