Charging stations for electric vehicles are being installed in metropolitan areas across the country. But is it really cheaper to drive an electric car than a gas powered car?

The Northeast Group, LLC based in Washington, D.C. did a study to answer this question. Electric utilities in the U.S. have set up special tariffs specifically for electric vehicles. These tariffs are sometimes based of a flat monthly fee of $40 or on time-of-use fees. As time-of-use rates are lowest in the evening and on weekends, charging the vehicle overnight is done at the lowest rate. A typical full charge can take 4-6 hours.

The Northeast Group analyzed the electric vehicle tariff usage to determine the charging costs. Their research showed that in all cases, the costs of recharging an electric vehicle were lower than running a similar vehicle burning gasoline. Northeast Group calculated using electricity saved 50 – 90% over using gas. Even better, sometimes a charge is free as Ben found. Here’s his video.

Because electric vehicles are new, there are incentives for driving electric. The University of Maryland is not currently charging for the hookup and is offering reduced parking passes. So you can charge your vehicle all day while working or attending classes on their dime. Take On The Challenge

Not sure if an electric vehicle is right for you. The Green Driving page has a link to an eco calculator to compare vehicles, fuel costs, etc.

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