The Cars 2 movie has an eco friendly message for us. The film pits traditional gasoline powered vehicles against those using a green alternative fuel called Allinol.

In  this movie, Lightning McQueen is racing in the inaugural World Grand Prix set in three countries and sponsored by Allinol.

A former oil baron, Sir Miles Axlerod, sold off his oil business to devote his life to discovering renewable energy sources. Sir Miles Axlerod is an electric vehicle. Allinol is the wonder fuel he created. Of course, the big oil companies are not happy about this and have a plan to fight back and ultimately demonstrate that the new fuel is worthless, even dangerous.

In the movie trailer, the voice over states about McQueen and Mater – “On their next big road trip, they’re not only racing across the world, they’re racing to save the world.”

In an interview with Ethan Smith of the Wall Street Journal, John Lasseter, Cars 2 director, explained that he felt not enough was being done to develop alternative fuels. So in a world where cars are alive, this is a priority topic. A good story always needs a bad guy versus good guy scenario. So Cars 2 has big oil against alternative fuels. Who will win?Easy

Cars 2 is a great family film with an eco friendly message. Visit the Disney Pixar Cars 2 site.

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