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Recycle your foods scraps and organic kitchen waste into compost. It’s not much more difficult than tossing it into the compost bin rather than the garbage. Here’s two easy methods.

You can get paid to go green!

Have you been wanting to upgrade to a new front load washing machine or considering using solar power in your home?

Many local and federal government agencies and utilities are offering cash rebates for homes and businesses who are switching to more energy efficient systems. Learn how you can find programs in your area and cash in on the savings.

Check out this new Facebook game with a mission to make a difference to the environment offline while playing online.

The gamer must take actions offline to advance in the online game. An unique, new concept for helping to sustain our natural resources.

When I see the Energy Star label on a product, I just assume it is more energy efficient. But what does it really mean? Find out the criteria to qualify for the Energy Star rating and where to find the energy ratings of products before you go shopping.

Want to skip the research and just choose the most energy efficient appliance? You’ll want to check out this list.

Green Seal LogoEver wonder if a product or service is really as environmentally friendly as it claims? Let Green Seal answer that question for you.
Green Seal has been researching and testing products and services for over twenty years to determine how eco friendly they are.

Watch this fun animated video explaining how the plastic bottles, cans, glass containers, milk and juice cartons placed in the blue bins are broken down for recycling. These are then reprocessed into new metal cans, recycled paper products, etc.