Cloth diapers are making a comeback in popularity for two major reasons. One is the cost savings over disposable diapers, the other is the comfort of natural materials. Now the question is how to best launder those diapers. Of course, you can use a diaper service. At times, this service is a lifesaver depending on your circumstances.

OK, let’s get to diaper laundering 101. Washing cloth diapers is fairly easy once a system is established. Here’s an overview of the steps recommended by Erin in the video plus some additional tips.

Step 1 – After removing the soiled diaper, if there is any solid waste, shake it into the toilet.  Then spray the diaper with an enzyme for odor and stain control.

Step 2 – Drop the diaper into a washable diaper bag in a garbage can with a lid.

Step 3 – When it is time to launder the diapers, just pick up the diaper bag with all the diapers inside and load your washing machine. Put the diaper bag in as well.

Step 4 – Start with a cold water pre-rinse.

Step 5 – Next, select a heavy duty cycle using hot water. Use a detergent that is free of residues or fillers. There are many new biodegradable detergents available now. Some of the best are liquids.

Step 6 – When the wash is finished, place the diapers in the dryer. Any plastic liners should not be dried in the dryer. If you have a clothesline, you can save energy by hanging the diapers out on the line for extra freshness.

Step 7 –  When dry, fold the diapers so they are ready for use without any additional folding required.

That’s it. An easy system for laundering cloth diapers.Get Involved

Still deciding between cloth and disposable diapers?  See the article discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each type on the Green Baby page.

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