I first saw this video on our local Weather Network featuring eco friendly rock buggies. These off road vehicles are constructed with some recycled parts. They are built so any qualified driver can experience the thrill of off road driving safely. All buggies have a roll cage, seat belts, helmets, and goggles.

Even the fuel is environmentally friendly. They run on Biodiesel which is made from the canola oil used in the resort kitchen where they are based. The oil which once fried up potatoes and fish is refined to use in rock buggies.

Consideration is given to the environment when out on the trails. At this resort, only existing trails are used. This is possible because when large obstacles such as rocks are encountered, they just drive over them! Otherwise, if they drove around them, more of the natural habitat would be damaged as the trail is widened.

When the ground in the backwoods is soft in the early spring after the snow melts, no off roading is done to avoid damage to the trails.

An off roading adventure in these rock buggies is a win-win all around  with recycling, using green fuels, protecting the environment, and having fun outdoors. Get Involved

The resort mentioned in the video is the Deerhurst Resort in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

Another fun mode of transportation for green driving is an electric scooter called the trikke featured on the Green Driving page.

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