Today it is much easier to find eco friendly wedding favors made from natural materials. Bamboo is a popular choice. It is sustainable and can be harvested with a low level of energy required. It is a versatile wood that is durable, resilient and when made into bowls or utensils is suitable for washing without damage.

The video shows a set of bamboo hand shaped salad servers made of natural bamboo. A practical and environmentally friendly favor.Bamboo Candle Holders

Also constructed from bamboo are a set of coasters. Being known for its strength and resilience, makes bamboo a perfect symbol for a wedding.

Another choice is natural bamboo candle holders which include a glass votive and tea light candle. I always enjoy receiving a remembrance of the bride and groom that is also useful. That way they come to mind when I use the item.

A heart shaped bamboo cheese tray with a bamboo spreader for softer cheeses is a unique and functional idea.

A dual purpose wedding favor is not only practical but saves money as well. A bamboo picture frame that serves as a place card holder at the reception, and later becomes a frame for a photo of the bride and groom is a novel choice. The photo could be mailed out with the thank you notes.

Plantable Seed CardAn additional option is plantable seed favors. I think these are great. Seeds are embedded in the biodegradable paper the favor is made of. They come with instructions for planting. There is a huge variety of colors, designs, and themes available to suit any ceremony.

Is your theme an intimate garden ceremony, or on the beach by the shore, or in the hills in the fall with the trees ablaze in reds, oranges, and yellows? Whichever you choose, you can find plantable seed favors. The ones I like best also double as place cards for seating the guests are the reception.

The seeds used are often organic wildflowers keeping with the eco wedding theme. However you can select seasonal seeds for spring, summer or fall.

Some plantable seed place cards are designed to stand on their own, others require support. Here are a couple of suggestions.Shell Place Card Holders

Real sea shells with a slot cut in the top to hold the place card are wonderful for a seaside wedding. Using objects from nature are the best for eco friendly weddings.

Another idea is using stones that have been polished smooth with a slot etched to hold a place card. The stones give a zen feeling to your theme and go great with bamboo centerpieces.

Beeswax candles are an alternative favor. Beeswax is 100% natural being made by bees. It is shaped into candles which burn brighter with a longer flame. They are also healthier as they emit negative ions when burning which cleans the air. The candles are often made in a honey comb style.

Real plants are also terrific as favors. It can be a plant that blooms or just one with interesting foliage. Often you can stick the place card for seating in the top. Plants are wonderful for green weddings.

Start with these ideas and decide what type of favor suits your eco wedding.Easy

The Eco Wedding page has other considerations and ideas for your environmentally friendly wedding.

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