Marley Majcher, The Party Goddess, discusses unusual ceremony venues in this video. Truly personalize your wedding setting. Marley suggests getting venue ideas by considering your hobbies.

Just yesterday I heard of a wedding taking place in a major league baseball stadium. The groom is an avid baseball fan.

If you love the outdoors and hiking is your favorite activity, choose a favorite spot with a view of the mountains, or in a forest in a state park.

Where do you work? Perhaps there is a related venue for you. Marley was married in a fabulous warehouse.

For several years I worked for an insurance company. The original building was a classic design surrounded by lovely gardens. Many wedding parties took photos there. And, if it rained or was winter, there was an indoor solarium with lots of light and tropical plants.

For the truly unusual, Marley suggests a cemetery. They are generally quiet, have great landscaping, and lots of statuary.Perhaps that’s not for you.

When choosing a venue, there are three major things to consider:

  • the number of guests
  • how many will have to travel and how far
  • the time of year and weather may dictate an inside wedding or a southern resort for an outdoors ceremony during a northern winter

If you like the traditional wedding, get married at your church or choose another if you prefer. You can still have your minister or priest at the other location. Choosing a location for the wedding that can also hold the reception is a great green idea. It makes it easier for the guests with less travel and parking concerns.

I’ve attended several weddings at a golf courses. There is always plenty of parking, a great view, and terrific food. You don’t have to be a member. Many places cater to weddings as part of their income.

A local botanical garden has an area set up specifically for weddings. And there is an endless array of gardens for photo opportunities of the wedding party.

How about your own backyard? If you’re having an intimate group of close friends, that might be the best spot. And you’ll save on the hall rental. You can still have it catered.

Stratford, Ontario is not far from my home. The Avon river flows through the center of town. In the middle of the river is a small island. It is a favoriteAvon River Stratford spot for weddings with up to sixty guests.

Water locations are quite popular from resorts catering to weddings to your local seaside beach.  Cruise ships are another idea for ceremonies that not only combine the ceremony and reception but also the honeymoon.

When I was staying at a grand older hotel in Philadelphia, there were three weddings on Saturday in their lobby. It was a gorgeous venue with marble floors, crystal chandeliers, a very stately presence and the reception could be held there as well in a private room.

If you want to find an eco friendly hotel in your area, there is a listing on the Green Hotels site. These are environmentally-friendly properties that implement systems to save water and energy and reduce waste in a manner that still provides quality service yet helps to sustain the environment while reducing the hotel’s expenses. This is a worldwide list.

The Green Seal organization lists hotels in the U.S.

My nephew was married last August in an outdoor ceremony. It was a lovely setting at a conference center. A raised platform was provided for the wedding party which made it easier for the guests to see. It was a very hot, humid day. Each guest was given a cold plastic bottle of water labeled with the bride and groom’s names. A welcome touch and recyclable.

There is an endless selection of venues for your ceremony. May you find the perfect one for your wedding.Get Involved

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