An EcoCab is a three wheeled vehicle powered by the driver’s pedal power and supplemented by an electric battery system. It is the modern day rickshaw. The battery power is used when carrying multiple passengers and for climbing hills. The battery is charged by solar panels mounted on the roof.

The EcoCab looks much like a huge egg laying on its side. The outer body shell is made of recycled plastic. EcoCab The passenger seating area is mostly enclosed to provide additional safety and shelter during inclement weather. An EcoCab can carry two adults or one adult and two young children.

The EcoCab has 7 gears and a 21 speed transmission. Top speed is 25 km/hour or 15.5 miles/hour. There is even music in the cab.

An EcoCab costs about $13,000. However, most are purchased by corporate sponsors such as Lipton, TD Bank, Visa, and Telus who add their logos to the cabs. It’s a win-win for the corporate sponsors and for those who can ride free in the city center.

It is part of the corporations’ green initiative for being part of an environmentally responsible form of transportation with zero emissions. A truly green car. And the corporations have ground level advertising continually as the EcoCabs circulate through the downtown of major cities. As an extra bonus, EcoCabs still attract a lot of attention so corporations know their advertising is being noticed.

Which cities have EcoCabs? This fuel efficient mode of eco driving is worldwide with EcoCabs now in 53 countries. It’s already in New York, Toronto, Stockholm, Dublin, London, even Nairobi, Kenya.

You can’t phone for an EcoCab. You just flag down an empty one and hop on board. EcoCabs are often used for special events and street festivals.

Tourists can purchase city tours by companies using EcoCabs in some locations. An interactive iPad is provided in some tour cabs to add a multimedia experience during their tour. Passengers can also purchase tickets online for attractions. If you are visiting Toronto, contact EcoCab Tours.

EcoCab TaxiThere are EcoCabs for hire as taxis and for delivery services. Often these are fully enclosed green cars powered by electric motors.


Riding in an EcoCab is fun and an eco-friendly transportation experience.

A Trikke is another form of green transportation. Check it out on the Green Driving page.

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