This fun animation shows how beverage containers are recycled.

Glass bottles are broken down further to be processed. Plastic bottles are sliced into smaller pieces for further recycling.

Aluminum and metal cans are flattened and manufactured into new cans. Cartons are squashed and used in recycled paper products.

The message of this short video – recycling is working. Keep filling up your blue bin.

Using the blue box for recycling has been adopted by many municipalities. Separating the recyclables from the regular garbage has become second nature. But that was not always the case. See my Battle with the Blue Box.

The Go Green page has more information on recycling and how the program has expanded over the years. My city introduced a green bin program a couple of years ago for compostable materials like food scraps, paper cups, paper towels, napkins, bones, etc. More on green bins on the Go Green page.

Each city and town has similar but slightly different rules for what goes into a blue box. This depends on what recycling facilities are in the area and what types of recyclable material they will take.

Here’s an overview of the Blue Box program.Get Involved

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