Although my city has a green bin program for collecting organic household waste, I still like to use my composter except in the winter when the lid freezes shut.

My compost bin is like the one shown in the video. To me it resembles a huge Garth Vader helmet. 😉 I compost kitchen scraps, egg shells, paper towels, coffee grounds, garden plant waste, etc.

Once in awhile I add a sprinkle of soil on top and some water from my rain barrel (another going green idea) to keep the composting process going. If rain is forecast, I’ll leave the lid open. However, I close it overnight as I know that raccoons come around. They have left muddy footprints on the top but have never gotten in.

There is no bottom in the composter. It is held in place by pegs inserted into the ground. In the spring, I pull out the pegs and lift off the whole unit. There is a small trap door at the front of the unit but not big enough to dig out the amount of compost I want.

Waste added late in the fall may not compost completely over the winter. So anything that hasn’t broken down, I set aside to put back in. Then I shovel the compost into my wheelbarrow and distribute it on my gardens. It enriches the soil. I feel good about turning what once was garbage into a useful product that helps my garden look better and ‘greener’.Get Involved

There’s more information on the green bin on the Going Green page.

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