Setting up a nursery for your baby is exciting. Of course you want the best for your little one and an environmentally safe room is of key importance. In this video, Carter Oosterhouse covers the essentials for an eco friendly baby room from paint and furnishings to laundry. And, you can implement these ideas yourself.

Paint is the first item discussed. Remember that new paint smell? It was the result of volatile organic compounds in the paint. The smell eventually dissipates but the compounds remain trapped in the carpets and upholstered furniture, bedding and drapes in the room. Today you can avoid the chemicals by using an environmentally friendly zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint.

Washing and drying clothes accounts for 20% of water and energy costs in the household. Energy StarWhen purchasing new washers and dryers, look for the Energy Star logo. It indicates a more efficient green appliance.

When I replaced my 22 year old laundry appliances, my electric bill decreased noticeably. I switched from a top load washer to a front loading style. These use less water and wash more efficiently. So I used less water and saved money.

New baby clothing, baby bedding, and curtains bring chemicals from the manufacturing process into the baby’s room. Laundry all these before using. Clothing can have stiffeners to prevent wrinkles while on display in shops. This can be hard and irritating to a baby’s more sensitive skin. Even green baby bedding and organic clothing should be laundered before use.

Make sure to use a green detergent that is natural and biodegradable.

Because of the lower insulation value of windows, 10-20% of a home’s energy is lost through windows. So a window covering is essential. However, drapes and curtains trap dust and allergens. Eco friendly shades with a thermal rating to reduce heating and cooling costs are a great solution. And they are easy to install.

Green Baby CribBaby cribs are often manufactured from wood chips pressed together and glued with adhesives. These continually release chemicals. Since babies spend so much time sleeping in their cribs, a pollution free environment is of utmost importance.

Solid wood cribs are all natural made from a renewable, sustainable product. Good for the environment and the eco baby. Solid wood dressers, change tables and rockers are also good choices. If you can only get one solid wood piece, get the crib.

Green baby bedding has become popular as more parents are aware of the chemicals used in manufacturing. Look for an organic mattress and natural bedding. Ensure cotton sheets are 100% organic cotton which is different from 100% cotton. The later may contain chemicals.Take On The Challenge

Go ahead and set up your green baby nursery.

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