As an earlier post was on the topic of selecting green cat litter, I thought this post on how to clean a litter box would be helpful. Carolina has three cats and three litter boxes so brings her vast experience to this tutorial.

She doesn’t mention which type of kitty litter she is using but it is some variety that clumps. She uses large plastic bins deep enough to hold 5″-6″ of litter. The bins are cleaned at least once, sometimes twice a day. The litter is completely changed monthly.

The tools required are a plastic slotted scoop, a roll of plastic bags, and a container of non-toxic wet wipes. To be as green as possible, the bags should be biodegradable. Depending on the type of litter used, it could be flushed down the toilet, placed in a green recycling bin, or composted. The Go Green page has a section on the Green Bin program if you are not familiar with it.

Her cleaning technique is to shift the litter to one end of the bin, wipe the side and bottom of the empty end with the wet wipe, then use the scoop to sift out the clumps and deposit them in the plastic bag. Then shift the litter to the opposite end and repeat the process. When done, smooth out and level the litter. You’re done!

Quick and easy system. Hope you picked up some new tips.Easy

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