As I mentioned on the Green Pet page, today’s pet cat uses a litter box in the house almost exclusively. When I was a child, our cats always did their business outside. I suppose my father came across evidence in the gardens. I find it humorous that a cat let outside for awhile will wait until back in the house to use the litter box.

The type of cat litter you use and how you dispose of it, is a major component in how green your cat is. In this video, Marisa Herrera Dupuis interviews Terry Cieslak, the owner of Chez Terry’s pet store. He discusses the advancements made in kitty litter over the years.

The original type of cat litter was clay based. It absorbed well but required more work as the entire litter box needed to be changed. This seems wasteful today with many clumping varieties. Also, the clay based litter went into the garbage with no option for composting.

The newer kitty litter products, clump so you can easily clean out the clumps with a slotted scoop. Although less wasteful, this type is not biodegradable as it is still clay based and contains silica which doesn’t break down easily. There is also a health concern with the silica that a cat would get some on its paws and lick it off.

A better solution, is an organic cat litter using fiber clumping material. One called Sweat Scoop can be flushed or composted. The World’s Best brand is a litter made of corn.

Crystals contains chunks with blue stones which indicate when to change the litter box. Some cats find this too lumpy. They prefer a finer, softer litter. Crystal litter clumps can also be composted or flushed down the toilet.

Another organic kitty litter is Feline Pine made of pine pellets. The pellets absorb urine well. Some people and cats find the pine scent too strong. Terry mentioned avoiding litter made of cedar as it can cause nausea in cats.

The last green litter mentioned is made from the cleanest quality of recycled paper. Avoid paper based litters containing dyes as these cat harm your cat.

There are your choices. It is now up to you and your cat to find the best green kitty litter for your green cat.Easy

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