More and more municipalities and counties are encouraging people to become more energy efficient with cash rebates. The rebates are incentives to help defray the cost of upgrading to more energy saving methods.

Some natural gas utilities offer a rebate for switching to a programmable thermostat. This ranges from $25 to $50. In some cases, it can Programmable Thermostatcompletely pay for the thermostat.  I upgraded our thermostat when we replaced our furnace. It provides various settings during the day for both heating and cooling, special vacation settings to save even more when I’m away, and the ability to override the settings for an hour or two. I now wonder how I got by without the programming. You can change your thermostat anytime. You don’t have to wait until you’re replacing your furnace.

Another favorite rebate is updating appliances to more energy conserving models. These rebates can range from $100 to $350 depending on the appliance. Old refrigerators and freezers use lots of power so upgrading these receives a higher reimbursement. Switching to a new Energy Star front load clothes washer saves electricity and water. Find out more about the Energy Star rating system.

Green RebatesCheck for rebate programs in your area. They may be offered by you local utility, city, state, province or federally. Some are open to businesses as well  as households. Look at he criteria required to qualify for the rebate. Check for time limits. Also some programs have a limited amount of funds for the rebates so act now.

Here’s one offered by Lake County, Florida. Their Go Green Get Green program offers rebates to households and small businesses. There is a downloadable PDF application form on their website.

My city has offered a rebate for several years when replacing a toilet with a new low water flush one. The forms list the toilet models that qualify and are usually in the store right in the toilet section.

This site is about Energy and Lighting Rebates with links to rebates in Boston, Mass. and Ontario, Canada.

To find rebates in your area search for ‘green rebates’ or ‘energy rebates’ plus your city, county, or state in Google or Yahoo. Also check the government websites in your area and federally.

My gas company includes pamphlets with our bill announcing the programmable thermostat rebate. So check those bill inserts to see if a rebate is being offered.

The site, Build That Green, lists many state rebate programs and includes links to a couple of U.S. government sites.

Taking advantage of rebates saves you money on the initial purchase and during the lifetime use of the new, more efficient product. Plus you are reducing the strain on our natural resources. A winning situation all around.Get Involved

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