Green Seal LogoGreen Seal started in 1989 to evaluate and certify products and services that are healthier and environmentally friendly. One of their goals was to eliminate the confusion consumers face when trying to determine if a product is eco friendly. When you find the Green Seal on a product, you know it truly is a greener product.

There is a terrific search function on their Find Green Products and Services page. The products and services are grouped into categories. This enables you to search for a specific product or type of product to see if it qualifies for the green seal and is an eco friendly product.

You can filter your search by type such as Windows or Cleaning Products for Household Use.

Also, you can select products or services by category such as Paintings and Coatings or Food Packaging or Commercial Cleaning Services. Once you’ve selected a top level product group like Hand Soaps and Cleaners, you can further refine your search by Manufacturer. This allows you to check a specific product to find out if it is truly green.

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