Welcome to Shades of Going Green. My name is Susan Dumas.  Susan & Casey Although this site is about acting in an ecologically friendly way to help sustain our own neighborhoods and planet, it differs from the usual reuse, recycle, go green site in several ways.

The ‘Shades’ part of the site’s name, is the key difference. The idea is to reduce your impact on the earth without impacting your life. There will be no preaching about what you should be doing to go green. No guilt trips here to recycle, turn down your thermostat in the winter or up in the summer. Instead, I’ll be presenting ideas on actions you can take to further the movement to being more green if you wish. In fact, there is no need to follow any of the tips or ideas presented. My main goal is to help you be aware of the choices available for living a greener life. Then you can choose the ‘shade’ or degree of green that suits you.

At times I have been reluctant to recycle, at other times I’ve been frustrated, and of course, there are green actions I readily embrace.  I am old enough to remember when any type of garbage went into one garbage can, when leaves were burned in the fall, when DDT was used in our fields, when gas cost .35 / gal. so the bigger and faster the car, the better.

It’s interesting how things change. I remember when soda pop bottles had a refundable deposit. Now they’re plastic or cans with no deposit, at least where I live. And now, liquor bottles have a refundable deposit introduced a couple of years ago. That was a bonus when I quit making wine. I returned a couple dozen wine bottles for a refund of $4.80!  😉  So you can go green and save!

I’ve divided up ways of going green by topic so you can check out what appeals to your interests. I welcome your comments. My blog will cover various ideas, tips, and suggestions for going green that I’ve come across including new technologies and products that are eco friendly.

To assist you in selecting a suggested way of going green, I’ve created a green rating system based on the level of effort required to implement it.

Recycling BagEASY

The shopping bag indicates a going green idea that is easy such as using reusable shopping bags or changing to an energy efficient light bulb.



The blue box for recycling represents suggestions requiring a bit more effort. Perhaps in how you do something such as sorting the garage by what goes into the recycling. Often these actions will become second nature after awhile.


Green House


This is the level requiring the most effort or initial expense to adopt. An example is adding solar panels to your home. There is an upfront expense for purchase and installation to enjoy the savings later.


Enjoy and choose your shade of going green.