In this video, Stacey David from the Gearz TV show upgrades a trailer in this do-it-yourself project. He adds two aluminum boxes to a trailer to hold all the equipment needed including a winch and compressor.

To power all this, he includes a battery which is kept charged with an easy to install solar panel on top of one of the boxes. It is connected to the battery stored in the box.

Check out this new Facebook game with a mission to make a difference to the environment offline while playing online.

The gamer must take actions offline to advance in the online game. An unique, new concept for helping to sustain our natural resources.

When I see the Energy Star label on a product, I just assume it is more energy efficient. But what does it really mean? Find out the criteria to qualify for the Energy Star rating and where to find the energy ratings of products before you go shopping.

Want to skip the research and just choose the most energy efficient appliance? You’ll want to check out this list.

Creating an eco friendly nursery for your baby is essential. This video shows how to select the best type of paint to use in green baby rooms. It discusses why shades are better than curtains and how to reduce your home’s energy costs.

A baby spends at least half of every day in a crib. This makes the material the crib is made of critical. Find out how to select a safe crib and furnishings for the eco baby.

With today’s awareness of our affect on the environment, even the selection of wedding favors is important. There are now many choices of eco wedding favors for the green wedding. Think of objects in nature such as stones, shells or bamboo. Let your imagination go.

Green Seal LogoEver wonder if a product or service is really as environmentally friendly as it claims? Let Green Seal answer that question for you.
Green Seal has been researching and testing products and services for over twenty years to determine how eco friendly they are.

The venue you select for your wedding sets the overall style of your ceremony. If you want a traditional church wedding, you can still have an eco friendly event.
For a green wedding, there are numerous choices from seaside to mountains, inside or out in nature. There are three things which will affect your selection of venue. Beyond that, let your imagination go.

Want to save by reducing your electric hot water heating bill? Here’s a do-it-yourself project designed to use the sun’s solar energy to heat water. The heated water flows into your water heater but is only heated further if not hot enough. A true green solar project.

As electricity prices rise, my local utility is implementing time-of-use pricing. During peak hours, it will cost more to run the dishwasher or dryer. The program is an incentive for people to be more aware of high usage time periods and take action to reduce their energy usage.

Looking for an efficient, quick method of cleaning your cat’s litter box? Pick up some tips and techniques from a gal with three cats each with their own litter box.

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