In this episode of Gearz, Stacey David‘s do-it-yourself project outfits a trailer with all the gear you need for trailering. He starts with a lightweight aluminum trailer which saves on fuel when you’re towing.Trailer The trailer has detachable fenders for wider loads, stainless steel inset tie down D rings, LED trailer lights, and retractable, lightweight loading ramps for easy loading. However, the base trailer doesn’t come with any storage boxes for equipment.

When you load a trailer, it’s great to have a winch and you always need tie downs. If you haven’t used the trailer for awhile, better check the tire pressure. Where are you going to put all this equipment? Stacey has the answer.

Trailer BoxesHe shows how easy this DIY project is to add two boxes yourself – a rectangular one on the trailer bed and a triangular shaped one which fits on the tongue of the trailer. Both are lightweight aluminum. He found a dual purpose piece of equipment consisting of a winch and a small air compressor good enough to fill the tires. If you have more power tools, a battery is recommended and an auxiliary air tank.

You’re likely thinking that’s great for awhile but the battery is going to run down. Stacey includes a set of jumper cables that can be run from the tow vehicle. But he has another solution as well. Unfortunately, this is not shown in the video segment from the show. (It’s from Season 5 Episode 7. Perhaps you can catch a rerun.)
Solar Panel
Stacey stores the battery in a plastic container to keep it dry. He devised a system to recharge it after use and keep it charged and ready to go when you need the trailer. He installed a small solar panel to the top of the rectangular box. It comes with all the connectors needed. There is a hole beneath the solar panel in the box to allow for the attachment to the battery. This provides an ongoing  charge to keep it ready for any situation.

With the aluminum trailer and boxes you save on fuel. And with the solar panel you save on electricity and have a battery that is always charged thanks to the solar power of the sun.

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